Reiki is a multi-faceted spiritual energy practice that can be used in many ways. Reiki is not a religion but a belief system that is spiritual in nature. It is a healing energy force that is from the divine, given from God – not from man.This universal energy system can activate divine healing power in all living beings.

Reiki taps into your “life force energy” and treats the body, the mind, emotions and the spirit as one entire entity. When a body becomes dis-eased our life flow energy becomes very low or blocked. Often times this is brought about by stress, caused by a variety of conflicting, negative thoughts such as worry, fear, doubt, anger and more. These thoughts get lodged in the subtle energy system and interferes or blocks the body’s ability to heal itself. We then see the body start to shut down and develop negative or diseased symptoms. Often times, these diseased symptoms are treated with drugs and surgery. Reiki can be a great complementary treatment to be used in addition to traditional medicine and we have often seen dramatic changes in the patient. This “hands on” healing technique aids the body in releasing stress and tension. By focusing universal energy into the bodys dis-eased system, it creates ease and relaxation at a cellular level. This creates a positive energy for the body to regenerate and start healing itself.

The Reiki system is a techniques to transmit this subtle energy to yourself and others. It restores the energy balance relieving the body of physical, mental and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently opens Meridians and Chakras leaving you relaxed and at peace. It opens the nerve highway in the body for chi or energy to flow freely and change the negative patterns of the body.

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