What is a chakra?

Chakras are spinning discs or vortexes of energy in our body. This ancient Ayurvedic system marks the areas where the mind and body meet.  All of these energetic life force energies penetrate and interact with our physical body and relate to the endocrine system, central nervous system and the spine. Chakras are invisible to the eye and these energies can be detected with a pendulum. The spinning direction tells us whether they are open or blocked.

Charkas are depicted as funnels. There is an inside and an outside of the Chakra.  It looks like one funnel inside the other. They each spin at different speeds. The outside rim of the Chakra represents the body while the inside represents the spirit.

Each Chakra is depicted as a color – representing the seven colors of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. They are also represented by the lotus flower which is shown by a variety of number of petals.  In India, the lotus flower is sacred. These multi petaled flower grow in the mud representing you and your path of human development from very simple being to a very developed and complex being. From the base chakra to the crown chakra, the petals range from a few to as many as 1000 at your higher consciousness level.

The Chakras are sending and receiving stations of the many energies we use. If one Chakra is blocked, it affects all others. Your blockages can be opened by  a variety techniques, such as meditation, crystal energy and sound energy.

ROOT CHAKRA – Red – Spine/glandular system

  • Survival, grounding, material security, trust, courage
  • Power to achieve goals, vitality

SACRAL CHAKRA – Orange – Ovaries/testes

  • Functions are sexuality, sensuality, procreation
  • Creativity, emotions, relationships, enthusiasm

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – Yellow – Adrenal/Pancreas

  • Personal power, self-control, will, strength, action
  • Peace, energy, radiance, joy

HEART CHAKRA – Green – Thymus

  • Unconditional love, Divine love, forgiveness, healing,
  • Compassion, understanding, warmth, sharing

THROAT CHAKRA – Blue – Thyroid/parathyroid

  • Creative self expression, communication, integrity
  • Wisdom, truth, independence

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Indigo – Pituitary

  • Inner vision, intuition, imagination, idealism
  • Extra-sensory perception, peace of mind, manifestation

CROWN CHAKRA – Violet or White – Pineal

  • Perfection, bliss, unity with omnipresent being
  • Divine Wisdom, understanding, enlightenment

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