Janna Lehocky Arbic   has been working with healing energy medicine from a young age. Her first clients were her parents, pets and stuffed animals.  Even though the energy medicine was untrained at the time, the concept of healing was there. This concept was used through the years when raising children, counseling and reducing stress within family, friends and co-workers.

  • Enrolled in a Usui Reiki class in 2005
  • Became a Master practitioner in Usui and Master in Karuna Reiki, 2006
  • Studied Crystal Therapy at Infinite Light School in Sedona Arizona, 2006
  • Apprenticed in a yearlong Intuitive gifts program to enhance intuition 2007
  • Studied Xin Le QU Meridian Bodywork with Master Tau Hung, 2008
  • Became Certified Energy Practitioner through Normandale College 2011
  • Working on certification for Body/Emotion Code which uses the subconscious mind for healing, 2016 to present.
  • Certified in Trauma Healing, Normandale College 2018

I continue my energy work studies through additional workshops, lectures and webinars to fine tune my gifts and keep life interesting.

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