I truly believe our body’s energy or Chi is the key to vitality and good health.  When our body becomes stressed because of everyday life experiences, negative self talk, traumatic events, injury and more, we feel our life force energy becoming low or blocked.  This stuck energy can lead to dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit.  Energy Medicine is a way to bring positive energy back into your body and return you to balance.

Energy medicine is a non invasive, hands on method that treats your whole person by releasing negative energies. It replaces the negative energy with positive balancing and healing vibrations to start your healing at the cellular level. The positive flow of energies is created through Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Karuna Reiki, High Frequency Energy Waves, Meridian Energy Release, Spirit to Spirit Healing, Crystal Therapy Energy Healing and much more.  After your energy Medicine session is completed you will feel continued negative energy release as well as feel very relaxed. When all energies become balanced we become healthy!

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